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We possess a database of forced sale properties that is both unique and the largest available. Our properties (more than 500) are sold at a price that is significantly below market value.

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FAQ. Income properties in Germany

After I have bought commercial real estate in Germany, how can I set up property management without having to do it myself?

In Germany, real estate management is conducted by specialised managing companies. We select several companies for our clients to choose from, including our own. On average, property management in Germany costs 16-20 euro per apartment per month, which means that management of a building containing six apartments will cost 100-120 euro per month...
I have heard that it is possible to buy German real estate at a very low price at auction. Is this true?

Property in Germany can indeed be purchased at public or at court auctions for a forced sale. However, as they say, “There's no such thing as a free lunch.” Professional support is necessary to close this kind of deal, the buyer’s time is strictly limited, ...
Do I need to set up a company in order to buy and register property in Germany?

German legislation is unique in that non-residents (foreigners) who buy property in Germany have rights that are equal to those enjoyed by German citizens. Property in Germany can be registered to a private person ...
What should I expect my expenditures to be when I buy property in Germany?

A transaction notarisation will cost 1-1.5% of the purchase price except in Berlin, where the price for notarisation is 2.5% of the purchase price. The invoice for purchase tax payment will be sent to the buyer within one to three months. This ranges from 3.5% ...

Special offers of investment property in Germany. Inverstment into business with high yield


Buy supermarket in Germany. Great location, good price ...

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Petrol stations

Buy a gas station in Germany. Public or court auctions for a forced sale ...

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Offices and commerce

Sale of office and commercial properties in Germany. High yield ...

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Buy a hotel in Germany as a long-term safe investment ...

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Yield property in Germany

Every year, real estate in Germany becomes an even more attractive proposition for inward investment, and for very good reason.

The majority of German citizens rent their living space. The cost of purchasing an apartment in Germany is significantly higher than the total cost of a lifetime of rent. The growth dynamic on apartment rent exceeds the supply, which causes a steady increase in real estate prices. This situation is particularly favorable for those who buy houses in Germany in order to rent them out, because the financial cost of acquiring real estate pays off within the first few years and brings in a 10-15% annual profit thereafter.

Buying a house in Germany is relatively simple from a legal point of view. For instance, foreign individuals only need to present a passport in order to acquire real estate in Germany. It is worth emphasizing that foreign citizens’ owner's property rights are reliably protected, as facilitated by the Constitution.
Regardless of the type of property, whether it is commercial property or a villa in Germany, you automatically become the owner of the land on which the property stands at the time of purchase.

North West Estate provides a full range of services for the acquisition of income property and ready-made businesses in Germany. We offer the lowest prices on forced sale real estate in Germany, a full-service package and a first-class service. We employ qualified specialists, who have many years of experience on the real estate market and in foreign business management. Our specialists will take care of all the responsibilities for property management, preparation of accounting and tax reporting. This service also includes registration of all necessary documentation, and liaison with government agencies and departments.

For further information, please contact us by phone at any sales office that is convenient to you.
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