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How to buy?

Determine the purpose

To start, you need to define the purpose of investing: whether it is long-term investments in the form of "personal pension fund" with not very high, but the permanent income or you already have a stable income in Russia and the purpose of investment - the maximum cost of the project in ten years? You may advocate speculative, or your creed - a reasonable risk?

Choosing a strategy

After selecting the investment goals can proceed to the selection of an appropriate strategy. This can be a savings strategy, the strategy of priority returns, or other speculative strategy, a detailed description, see "What is strategy?"

On whom to issue?

Property acquired in Germany can be framed as an individual (one or more natural persons, such as spouses), and a legal entity. The criterion here is the budget that you select an object of investment and common sense. So, in order to optimize tax, real estate acquired in the budget of 800 thousand euros - 1 million euros and above, draw on more profitable entity.

We select objects

Based on the chosen investment strategy, make a selection of objects. In some cases this can take some time, depending on the chosen strategy. Remember, high-quality and facilities - the deficit and reserved quickly.

Query NWE on the availability of selected objects

After you've chosen the appropriate objects to contact us, we will update their availability, as well as offer you the alternatives according to your parameters.

Expert opinion and recommendations

We do not just check the relevance of your sample, and give advice and comments to pick up the object in accordance with the chosen strategy, as well as provide additional information on each of them. At this stage, our experts can discuss tax planning.

Select the appropriate options

On the basis of this work make a pre-selection of suitable targets.

Sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA)

Complete information and documents on the property due to the processing and transfer of personal data to the buyer sellers, tenants and other interested parties. That's why we ask you to commit to disclose personal information protected by law. Getting a set of documents.
After the signing of confidentiality, we will provide you with detailed information on the project: Statement of tenants, lease, plans, extracts from the register and other documents.

Reserve a suitable object

Commercial real estate market is dynamic enough. This is especially felt in our business - the implementation of profitable items, especially that many of them are sold at a significant discount. Therefore, to avoid the embarrassing situation (the client has decided interest in the object you want to buy it and was going to view it, and the object is already sold or reserved to other potential buyer), we recommend to book a place! What does this mean? Necessary to conclude the contract reserve, in accordance with which the NWE ensures that within a certain time (usually two weeks) chosen by the client object can not be offered to third parties, will be negotiated on its sale, ie it is removed from sale until the customer purchasing decision or expiration backup. When buying an object the provision would be offset against the cost of the transaction completely. Can be transferred to the reserve of any other object.

Request credit conditions

If you like an object, the value of which does not fit into your budget, we will help to obtain the necessary financing. We will send a request to the German banks will negotiate to obtain the most attractive conditions for the loan. Credit conditions can be found in the section 'Credits'.

The timing, planning the tour

We encourage our customers to carefully read the investee. Is made travel plans, consistent convenient date and time of visits.

A visit to the facility

You will be taken to view our Russian-speaking staff who will draw your attention to the details and benefits of the object, to advise, and answer your questions.

Purchasing decision

After the site visit, usually decides whether a purchase. If the object you do not like or do not "lay down on the soul," do not worry: the amount of redundancy is lost, it can be transferred to another favorite subject or to postpone for a time, until you find a great alternative.

Power of attorney.

You are a very busy person? You do not want to fly back to Germany for a signature on a contract? You can leave a power of attorney on our staff, so that they, on your behalf and with your consent, to represent your interests in the notary.

Getting credit conditions

If the purchase is made using real estate loan, at this stage, must be obtained from the bank financing options. If they are suitable for you, then prepares a loan agreement and is transferred to you for approval (if you are already left Germany, we will send the documents by courier)

Setting a date notary

Appointed date of the notary signing the contract of sale. A notary is a trustee and guarantor of the obligations under the contract of sale for both the buyer and the seller. He is responsible for the complete and independent advice to the parties, inspection of the property on the legal purity, notarization of the contract.

Make a deposit

At this stage the deposit is in the amount of about 5% of the value of the property. From that moment, notary begins to prepare and coordinate with all parties to the draft contract of sale and the buyer has the duty to pay the notary fees (account for these services will be billed after the notary).

Coordinate the notarial deed

Notarial deed drawn up in two languages, English(Russian) and German. Our lawyers will be happy to comment on your text and conditions. If necessary, will make your amendments.

State notary's office

On the appointed date of the notary is signing the sales contract by both parties to the transaction. You can independently represent their interests, and through our employee who is issued with the appropriate authorization. The loan agreement is usually signed before or simultaneously with the signing of the contract of sale.
Notary in Germany is the guarantor of the contract, so it is recommended to transfer the amount stated in the contract of sale, to a special account opened by a notary under the deal. Usually pay for the purchase must be made within 3-4 weeks after the notary, but there are exceptions with longer terms.

Entering into ownership

After receipt of funds from the buyer to the notary bill and pay tax on the purchase, notary services, our services, notary carries conveyance of real estate. It supplies information in the land registry «Grundbuch» has completed all conditions of the contract of sale.
Time of transfer of ownership, and as a result, income from the object specified in the sales contract. Usually the transfer is subject to the 1st of the month following the month of receipt of funds on account of a notary or seller. Register ownership of the object is not a prerequisite for the transfer of ownership.
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