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North West Estate Group has a management company: NWE Hausverwaltung GmbH. The company's team has years of experience in managing commercial real estate. This means that when you buy one of our facilities and rely on us in its management, you can be sure of its quality, because we continue to be responsible for the object and after the sale.
Our management company specializes in providing services to the citizens of Russia, Europe and China. We provide our clients with a wide range of services that include organizational, technical and accounting management, and legal support and additional individual solutions. Our experienced staff will advise you on any question in your native language.

How do we manage?

Our goal - to create a high-quality service, ensuring maximum comfort and minimum cost to our customers. Our work consists in the personal contact with the owners and tenants.
We with typical German thoroughness and thrift treat capital of their clients, saving and multiplying it.
Our customer service, working directly with the management company will help you understand all the nuances and, if necessary, to hold individual consultations in your native language.
We simplify the monitoring process for you, giving you a personal online access to the system where you are at any time you can view the actual records.
We provide the following services:

Organizational management
  • Transmission and reception facilities
  • Lease vacant space
  • Insurance of
  • Preparation and implementation of measures to increase the rent
  • Preparation of proposals to improve the operating profit (including lower utility bills and insurance premiums)
  • An annual meeting of tenants
  • Ensure compliance with internal rules
Technical Management
  • Maintenance, inspection and repair of technical equipment
  • Maintenance of the building search and hiring of contractors, if necessary, repair
  • Supervisory responsibility
  • Conclusion of agreements with the services of service
  • Caring for the object (cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, if necessary clock telephone service to tenants)
  • Regular checks of the state of the object by the appropriate service
Accounting services
  • Maintenance of accounts and accounting of property
  • Collection and accounting of rent
  • Preparation of annual report
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Doing the calculations of utility payments
  • Registration and check the actual value of the property
  • The recoverable and not reimbursed by the tenant costs
Document processing and reporting
  • Collection, processing and preparation of all data objects and contracts with the help of specialized software
  • On-line reporting in the native language of the owner
  • Preparation, approval, revision and inspection of all contracts for supplies and services for the project, including the collection and analysis of proposals contracting, preparing contracts to sign and negotiate on behalf of the owner
  • Preparation and processing of documentation for tenants
  • Checks potential tenants and assess their ability to pay
Legal support
  • Monitoring of compliance with applicable laws
  • Resolving issues with insurance companies in insurance cases
  • Representing the interests of the owner at official events
  • Enforcement of the law regulating the relations between the neighbors, etc.
  • Drafting contracts of rental apartments, retail, auxiliary areas, etc.
  • Working with tenants debts involving lawyers
  • Initiation of legal action (if necessary)
  • Inspection, enforcement and judicial support warranty claims owners
Additional services:
  • Project development
  • Remediation and reconstruction
  • Further sale of real estate
  • Organization of financing and refinancing
  • Optimization of real estate projects
  • Providing authorized officers and directors
  • Providing factual and legal address jur. people
  • Preparation of expert opinions
Technical services and infrastructure management is not reimbursable by the occupiers and beyond the management of the facility agreement (Additional services, attorney fees) are organized and managed within an agreed budget of the owner. If necessary, can be organized a tender for works to be carried out by qualified and reliable professionals and companies in accordance with German quality standards.
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