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What is the strategy?

Investment strategy can be defined as the general program, following a long-term, should lead to the achievement of investment objectives and expected investment effect.

The relevance of the investment strategy depends primarily on account of possible changes in the investment environment factors. Those investors who first drew his attention to the profitable real estate in Germany is certainly not easy to estimate even a small part of the required parameters and conditions.

That's why our team of professional realtors, financiers, tax and property managers set out to, using all his knowledge, experience, reliable information about the real estate and markets group sold profitable real estate in accordance with several pre-defined investment strategies. Based on our experience, these six strategies are most fully consistent with the goals of our clients.

Using the switch strategy, you can now select proposals that best meet some of your investment goals.

The following is a principle of selection of objects under each of the strategies:
  • Strategy: Conservative.
    Risks: None
    Selected objects: Very safe investment properties with relatively low income are located in major cities. Long-term rent contracts.

  • Strategy: Conservative.
    Risks: Minimal
    Selected objects: Very safe investment properties, average yield. Small towns. Long-term rent contracts.

  • Strategy: Balanced.
    Risks: Low
    Selected objects: Properties with the balance of reliability and optimum yield. Located in small cities. Medium-term rent contracts.

  • Strategy: Increase of value
    Risks: Mixed category
    Selected objects: Properties of different classes. Low to medium current yield. The opportunity for the significant increase of the profitability of the object, potential for long-term contracts, and as a consequence with a growth potential.

  • Strategy: Priority to yield.
    Risks: Mixed category
    Selected objects: Properties of different classes with high yield, located in large and small cities. Long-term and short-term rent contracts.

  • Strategy: Speculative
    Risks: High
    Selected objects: Commercial areas with the maximum discount from the market value or the value of collateral. Maximum profitability. Short-term rent contracts.

Of course, not all objects can be classified and assigned to one particular strategy. There are many proposals that are members of different groups. There are also facilities that do not meet the specific investment objectives, those that were not included in the above categories. To see all of the proposed facilities is, just ignore the choice of strategy or switch strategies to position "Not selected".
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