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North West Estate is a full-service agency. We provide all the services you may need for selection, purchase, maintenance, management, and financing. We will do our best to make your ownership of property in Germany pleasant and not burdensome. For additional information, please, visit our web-site:

Our prices are lower than market price by at least 30%
North West Estate is an operator on the mortgage market. We possess a database of forced sale properties that is both unique and the largest available. North West Estate holds the exclusive rights to sell more than 500 “bankrupt” facilities and enterprises. We sell most of our facilities significantly below appraised and market value.

Years of experience on the European market
We are part of Germany's largest brokerage group. More than ten years of successful professional operations on the European real estate market have made our staff first-class experts.

Made in Germany
North West Estate is a brand which unites German companies NWE Immobilienservice GmbH, NWE Consulting GmbH, NWEHousverwaltung GmbH, and ImmoInvest GmbH. It is widely known that the phrase "Made in Germany" has become a de facto mark of quality. German companies are among the most reliable, products made in Germany are of the highest quality, and German business processes are the most effective.

Yield starting at 10%
North West Estate’s main specialty is the sale of income property. Income buildings and leased commercial properties are a traditional German business that brings in a stable income. Only our company offers a wide range of options with a yield above 10% per annum. All our properties are already leased, are managed by professionals, and generate high revenue.

We speak English
We have English-speaking staff in Berlin, Dresden, and Leipzig.

We work so you can relax
Our close-knit team work hard to free our customers from daily cares. We will organize facilities management, accounting and tax reporting. We will also liais with state agencies and institutions.
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